Hear is what our artists say about us...
"There are so many high's and lows in the career of a musician. I think one of Al's strongest attributes is that every time the chips were down he knew how to get us in the right frame of mind to perform at the best of our ability, and at the same time every time we were on a high he knew how to keep us grounded so that we could appreciate how far we had come. People can learn how the Music Business works, but very few have the unique ability to manage 5 or 6 personalities so that the "group" is always in a position to capitalize on opportunities that arise. Al does this as well as anyone in the business."
Andrew Herrick - Assembly of Dust, Moon Boot Lover, Harpoon

This is what workshop attendees are saying...

"It was 4 hours of gold! Now I have asset game plan, and I plan to follow through!"
LS - University of New Hampshire

"I learned to pay attention to the things that I never would have paid attention to."
PT - Dartmouth College

"The workshop gave me a grasp on where to begin and what to expect."
SS - Johnson State College

Martin Sexton

University/College feedback on the Music Business Workshop

I wanted to thank you for the workshop you offered our students on Music Biz 101. The feedback has been awesome! Your workshop was interdisciplinary and relevant in the best sense of the words. The materials and presentation roused their curiosity and exposed them to someone actually walking the walk, not just talking the talk. It was especially helpful for musicians who are often shy about business classes. I think every participant has the dream of stardom or fame, or just making it as a musician but doesn't get the proper preparation in traditional college classes. Your experience with Strangefolk and the other bands gave them a reality check and some vital tools in the pursuit of their dreams. In fact one of the outcomes that immediately followed was that they formed a Music Club and to start booking bands and promote themselves. Considering the apathy and isolation that I often see in these kids, this is a major breakthrough! We definitely want you back next year."
Jan Herder, Entertainment Committee Director - Johnson State College.

As president of the concert committee, it was great to be able to have someone come in and teach other students about how things work in the music industry. So often students come into our office and have questions, so it was great to be able to create a forum for them where they could learn all of the info that they could ever need. This type of workshop is something that no college class can teach you, even though many college students are eager to learn about the excitement that the music biz has to offer. To have the opportunity to learn it from a real professional in a fun and interactive environment was great. Not only that, but it makes our concert organization look better for providing a broad range of programs. Plus, students get to learn all about what we do in our organization. Thanks again for providing a highly effective and cost efficient alternative to normal programming.
- Seth Bradbury, President of Student Committee On Popular Entertainment (SCOPE) - University of New Hampshire.

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