It was 4 hours of gold! Now I have asset game plan, and I plan to follow through!

A Wildly informative workshop that gives you the skills needed to succeed in
the “real world” of rock & roll!

Music Biz 101 is the ONLY place musicians and entrepreneurs can get the information they need to launch careers and be successful in the music industry.



Professor Ostroy

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This flow chart demonstrates the flow of information
between some of the people on your team.

Music Biz 101 Workshop is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for musicians, managers, agents, and promoters to learn how the industry works from a "real world" perspective. Most of the information in this workshop can't be found in books.

It was designed to give those wishing to enter into the music business the tools and knowledge needed to succeed by avoiding all the pitfalls from trial and error that they normally would have to go through. The workshop follows the flow chart above and defines each role, describes how they interact with one another, and follows the flow of money from an offer to a settlement.

Most musicians start out booking their own shows and the workshop demonstrates how to maximize those efforts. Most musicians manage themselves and the workshop provides them with strategies on how to gain fans and grow. Young talent buyers don't know all the expenses they're challenged with and most musicians don't understand who pays for those expenses. All this is explained in the Music Biz 101 Workshop.

Each attendee will receive a workbook with examples of actual contracts, riders, press releases, bios, settlement sheets etc. that they can take with them and use. This workbook also contains exercises in tour advancement, contract negotiation, and concert settlements that the attendee can use to practice with before using them in the real world.

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